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Sisters-turned  business partners, we are the co-founders, creators, curators of Kith + Kin Charcuterie.  Our Lebanese background has taught us that food is the bond that brings people together.  We want to help you embrace and share moments by providing an opportunity to graze and connect with loved ones - allowing you to share beautiful food and meaningful conversations. 


We provide a hassle-free hosting option for those who want to entertain but do not work all day on making a lavish feast. Each board contains a diverse variety of local and international ingredients that also cater to dietary preferences and restrictions. We want to share our passion for cultivating memorable events and delectable food by using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible from small business and curating high-end and creative charcuterie boxes, boards and grazing tables, available for both local delivery and pick-up.


So, from our family to yours, 

(Sahtein) صحتين

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